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Marley Keller

E-RYT 500

Marley Keller, E-RYT 500, and founder and owner of Abhyasa Yoga, has extensive background in dance and psychology that helped set the foundation for her career as a yoga instructor to children and adults.   At the age of 3 she began dancing, and took her first yoga class 4 years later.  Continuing her studies in ballet and modern dance for the next 20 years, Marley graduated from Goucher College where she studied Eastern and Western psychology, labanotation, movement analysis, Skinner Releasing Technique, and Bartenieff Fundamentals.

In 2006, Marley received her 200 hour yoga teacher training from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.  She spent the next 3 years dedicated to completing both a 200 and 500 hour teacher training program with an emphasis on yoga therapeutics at Golden Heart Yoga in Annapolis MD.  It was here that she had the opportunity to study with some extremely talented yoga masters including Rod Stryker, Victor Van Kooten, and Arthur Kilmurray.  Marley has also done various workshops with, but not limited to, Shiva Rea, John Friend, Cyndi Lee, Elena Brower and Doug Swenson.  

In 2008, Marley began delving deeper into the teachings of Yogarupa Rod Stryker and ParaYoga and has been studying with him ever since.  ParaYoga is a systematic method of teaching and bringing to light the sublime tradition of Sri Vidya, whose ancient lineage is kept alive by Yogarupa and his teacher Panditji Rajmani Tigunait of the Himalayan Institute.   This ancient tantric tradition of haha yoga integrates a broad range of practices such as asana, pranayama, kriya, mudra and mantra into a seamless whole.  Combined with these tantric techniques, wise and skillful sequencing is used to create specific energetic effects


Although mainly influenced by the teachings of ParaYoga, Marley also brings elements of many different styles into her classes, including Anusara, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Viniyoga, and Yin yoga.


Marley resides in the Baltimore, MD area teaching both private and group classes to children and adults.   She is trained in prenatal yoga, yoga for athletes, kids yoga, preteen and teen yoga, and yoga for special conditions.  She specializes in one-on-one yoga therapy for people with chronic and acute medical conditions. She has experience teaching workshops to those of all ages covering a wide range of yogic concepts.

Emphasizing breath, alignment, and body awareness, her goal is to help all students foster a better sense of self by finding the connection between their body, mind and spirit.

In 2016, Marley created her first 200 hour yoga teacher training that will begin in January 2017.  The Abhyasa Yoga teacher training is catered to both those that want to acquire the skills to become a yoga teacher and to those that want to deepen their own personal practice.  Please refer to the website to sign up!


When my primary care doctor expressed concern about my decreasing muscle tone and lung usage at age 61, I started yoga, hoping it would help me with my lifelong battle with scoliosis and decreased lung capacity.  Marley began working with me privately in 2009, creating an individualized program for me that resulted in major measurable physical improvements.  Not only have I regained an inch of height lost due to scoliosis of the spine, my lung usage and capacity has increased from 75% to 100%.   My sleep is much more peaceful at night, and I have an increased sense of well-being.

—  Dahli Gray

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